We offer a speaker fret recovering service, whether you want to change the color of your frets or just have your old frets recovered in their original black cloth we offer  a full service on all B&O frets from Beolab Pentas to beolab 5s. All TV frets can also be recovered. Many colours available on request.

We also offer a refurbishment service for stand bases such as beolab 6000s. We can remove scratches resurface and seal the base plates giving a fresh new look to your speakers or bases of your floor stands.

We have just recently secured an exact matching Lycra based cloth for beolab 8000s giving a perfect stock finish to these fantastic speakers so why not breath new life into your 8000s now!

Price examples.

Beolab 4000 pair black or white £45
Beosound century full set £55
Beolab 6000s pair black or white £65
Beolab 8000s pair Black or white £85
Beolab 9 pair black or white £125
Beolab 5 pair black or white £150
Beovision 5 black or white £65
Beovision 9 black or white £85
Beovison 6 – 22 black or white £25
Beovision 6 -26 black or white £35
Beovision 3 28-32 black or white £65
Beolab penta pair black or white £95

Timeless AV is now the sole supplier of custom trimmed frets to the country’s biggest B&O reseller.

To the left is a picture of a recent Beolab 2 case including the mirror finished case which is not painted but has had metal evaporated over it under vacuum and then lacquered, we believe we are the only company able to offer this finish.

Please contact us for details on pricing and case exchanges.

Thanks for all your help - we love it and it arrived safely and fast [Australia]
awarua_2008 - Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 MK 3 Mint and Boxed