Bang and Olufsen Powered Leads for Beolab 2500


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      This product is a high quality, Pure-Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper, audiophile cable set to allow you to connect a non-B&O AV receiver directly to your Beolab 2 Subwoofer, Beolab 7-1, 7-2, 7-4, 7-6 or Beolab 10 Centre Speakers, or Beolab 2500 active loudspeakers, which will even work if you don’t have a Bang and Olufsen hifi system or television. One cable will allow one Beolab speaker to be connected to one AV receiver or pre-amplifier. As these speakers do not have a “Line Input” mode, this cable includes a 110-240 volt power supply to provide the trigger signals that these speakers would normally receive from a B&O audio system or television, as well as your choice of input cable and a Powerlink compatible Splitter cable. When the cable power supply is connected to the mains electrical power, the speaker will be on and ready for use. When power is removed from the cable power supply, the speaker will return to standby mode – if you are in any doubt about how to connect and use this cable, please ask!

      The DIN plug used on this cable also includes a voltage reference pin to prevent mains interference occuring. Each power supply is fully tested before shipping to ensure that it operates perfectly and is totally silent in use (some power supplies will generate noise that can be heard through the speakers – our high quality products do not do this!) Please ensure that you turn the iPod volume down when you switch it on, as Beolab speakers are VERY powerful!

      This cable is suitable for use with all Powerlink comptible Beolab speakers, in particular the following models of Bang and Olufsen Beolab active loudspeakers:-
      * Beolab 2 Subwoofer (extra cables are required if you wish to use Beolab 2 with other Beolab speakers)
      * Beolab 7-1 Centre Speaker
      * Beolab 7-2 Centre Speaker
      * Beolab 7-4 Centre Speaker
      * Beolab 7-6 Centre Speaker
      * Beolab 10 Centre Speaker
      * Beolab 2500 (extra cables are also required for use with Beolab 2500)

      BEOLAB 2500 – IMPORTANT NOTE: To use this cable with a pair of Beolab 2500 speakers, you will also require an additional Powerlink compatible Splitter and a Powerlink mk.3 compatible Cable to connect the second speaker. These items are NOT included with this cable, but are available to purchase in our store at additional cost.

      BEOLAB 2 – IMPORTANT NOTE: To use this cable with a Beolab 2 and a pair of full-range Beolab speakers, you will also require two additional Powerlink mk.3 compatible Cables to connect the two extra speakers to the output sockets on the Beolab 2. These items are NOT included with this cable, but are available to purchase in our store at additional cost.

      RCA/Phono/Cinch input connections are fitted as the input connections on this cable, but please note that these are ONLY for use on audio pre-amplifiers or surround sound receivers with VARIABLE AUDIO PRE-OUT sockets fitted. These NOT suitable for use with TVs, Satellite Decoders or Tape Out sockets on amplifiers.

      Cable specifications:-

      * Double-Screened, Pure-Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper audio cable with Royal Blue sheath
      * Signal and screening conductors: 7 x 0.2mm PC-OFC copper
      * Neutrik/Rean metal-cased 5-pin DIN plug with gold plated pins
      * Digital 24 carat Gold-Plated metal-bodied RCA/Phono plugs
      * 110-240 volt AC mains power supply on 1.5m black cable with fitted UK mains plug
      * Power supply is CEC Compliant, with GS, CB and CE safety ratings
      * Optional clip-on European, USA or Australian adapter plug for use outside UK

      The cable set includes a high quality 110-240 volt AC mains power supply with a fitted UK 3 pin mains plug. For sales outside UK, an appropriate mains adapter plug will also be supplied with the cable to allow you to plug it into the 110-240 volt AC electrical supply in the country of purchase. The power supply provided with this cable can accept a wide range of AC voltages from 110 to 240 volts AC, making it suitable for most countries Worldwide.